PAJ Disco Mix
What's Up...

The Magic of Disco is in full swing, while Pierre Gagnon, Allen Vallieres and Jean Barbeau get together to create PAJ Disco Mix, the first Canadian remixing group, innovating by remixing disco songs from the era.

Quickly, their remixs were the first to play on Quebec's radio station CKVL FM, today CKOI 96.9.

The joint venture between PAJ Disco Mix and Robert Ouimet, the Limelight's D.J. in November 1976, propelled their remixs across America, and less than one year later, around the world. For more than 2 years, PAJ Disco Mix created more than 50 remixs, several of which were mastered on (bootleg) acetates, for Robert Ouimet, on Sunshine Sound label from New York. In the summer of 1977, on Robert Ouimet's weekly hit parade, in the musical magazine Steede Report, 10 out of 20 songs were from PAJ Disco Mix.

During the same period, their remix on 12" of Music from Montreal Sound, the theme song from Et ça tourne a french TV station Télé-Metropole musical show, sold more than 300,000 copies across the United States and Europe. That remix from PAJ Disco Mix was in 7th place for 6 weeks in the BillBoard magazine.

The unique musical style of PAJ Disco Mix has, without a doubt, marked the disco era.