PAJ Disco Mix
What's Up...
Fall 1975
First remix using beat repetition effects.

June 1976
The remix Surprise from André Gagnon becomes the first PAJ Disco Mix to air on a Canadian radio station CKVL FM, today CKOI 96.9.

September 1976
Montage honoring the Ritchie Family group aired on CKVL FM.

November 1976
The remix Peter Gun of Deodato was playing at the Limelight. Over the next two years, more than 50 PAJ Disco Mix, mixes will be played.

January 1977
Jesse Green's Flip is the first remix from PAJ Disco Mix to succeed in the United States on Sunshine Sound acetates.

May 1977
Gerry Bribosia's remix Dracula disco is released on vinyl in Quebec.

July 1977
The remix of the Gerry Bribosia's and Gerry De Villiers's song Music by Montreal Sound is released on vinyl.

August 1977
The remix of the song Music of Montreal Sound is released under the TK label in the United States and under the Baby, Decca and Creole labels in Europe, also on Wizard records in Australia.

August - September 1977
Music remix from Quebec appear in the American Billboard magazine's hit parade and stay in 7th position for 6 weeks.

August 1977
A montage having over 1 000 edits.

September 1977
A montage having over 2 000 edits.

December 1978
LA ROUE uses a loop as a musical background for a montage of several disco titles. The second montage will be Stars on 45 medley released three years later by Stars on 45.

December 1984
Creation of the montage concept for Hits of the year at CKOI FM.
An other PAJ Disco Mix on Sunshine Sound Acetates.

Sunshine Sound was a studio where DJ's could bring their reel to reel tapes and have acetate copies cut one at a time. Many club DJ's created their own mixes and wanted discs cut instead of using the tape so that they could mix into and out of the acetate platter.

There was such a demand for some of these mixes that sometimes 10-25 copies (or more) were made and sold to outlets who did mail order and so they were distributed in NYC, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. Two stores were Sunshine sound acetates were sold in the late 70's were Record Connection in Los Angeles and Downstairs Records in NYC.

Our PAJ Disco Mix Teddy Pendergrass You Can't Hide From Yourself acetate was one of those...

Teddy Pendergrass Acetate by PAJ Disco Mix
For the old disco remix amateurs : Dracula disco (Gerry Bribosia / PAJ Disco Mix)

Dracula Disco étiquette
For the old disco remix amateurs : Music (Gerry Bribosia / Gerry De Villiers / PAJ Disco Mix)

Music étiquette
Robert Ouimet, DJ du Limelight, Steede Report Jesse GreenDeodato
Le TOP 20 du Limelight, février 1977 Jesse GreenDenise LaSalle